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Guy and Hans’ dark, rubbery Asian cocks flop, bounce and thrust around as they enjoy a bedroom romp. It seems Hans is very keen to get into Guy’s ass and he goes on to bareback fuck him from multiple positions. Check out Guy when he gets fucked on his back with his legs up in the air. The definition of his chest muscles and abs make him look even hotter. Its a real good look. Just about as good as watching his ass juices flow out after Han’s withdraws his cock. The sight is too arousing for Han’s and he quickly pokes his raw cock back in and continues their bareback fuck. Stuff for lovers of gay Asian fuck porn.

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Japanese Twinks Continue Their Gay Fuck

As I mentioned about part 1 of these gay Japanese boys warming into their sexual workout, they arent my cup of tea in the looks department. But I gain some consolation in that Haruto is quite good at topping. His pelvic control is quite good and he has a knack for scrounging and jack hammering into Hisoka’s boyhole. I found it strangely erotic despite not being personally attracted to the boys. And there’s also something about that nasal, high pitched whine peculiar to Japanese boys performing gay sex that arouses me too. I’m surprised as it is slightly effeminant, but attractive none the less.

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Gay Asian Twinks Bareback Fuck

In this gay Asian bareback fuck video, its Mikal’s first time at being a top. His cute fuck buddy, Felix, looks like he’s definitely bottomed before though. He seems to love having his prostate massaged and looks very hot in reverse cowgirl, impaled right down to Mikal’s balls. I just so love seeing Asian cock thrust in a boyhole right up to the balls. Don’t you? Interestingly, the reason Mikal got to top was supposedly because Felix couldnt get it up. I reckon he’s been having too much sex or jacking off because young Asian guys are always horny and up for sex.

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Take a Look Behind the Scenes With the Asiancy Boys

Usually I think behind the scenes gay porn videos are a pretty lame way to fill up a video but I honestly enjoyed watching this BTS edition from I think its because the mixed ethnicity but predominantly gay Asian models are all pretty sexy and you can tell there’s a genuine rapport between the Asiancy team letting them enjoy what they’re doing. Its also a good way to reflect on some of the scenes you may remember. I won’t go into the content, I’ll let you guys check the clip for a taste. Join the Asiancy models in their behind the scenes fun.

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Robin Charms Dominic’s Big Cock Into His Asian Ass

Sexy gay Asian Robin Cadiz is a little prick tease. His sleek, smooth Asian body stripped down to underwear was very alluring. His aim was to attract hard working boyfriend away from work and into his ass. If I was Dominic, those clients could wait! Check out Robin’s sexy little waist. For some reason my eyes were drawn to that part of his body – he looked so damned sexy! Its so funny how certain body parts on certain people can be so attractive. I’ve been initially drawn in by necks, forearms, legs, eyes, lips, belly buttons and armpits to name a few body parts. Weird I know.

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Will Hisoka Pass the Gay Sex Test?

Gay Japanese twink Hisoka wants to be Haruto’s boyfriend. Before he says yes, Haruto makes him prove his skills in the bedroom. So the pair of Japanese boys (slowly) head down the path to a fuck. Haruto is right though, sex is important in a relationship – at least while one party has any sort of libido. If the sex is crap or insufficient its only a matter of time before the unsatisfied half gets a roving eye. And then it could all end in tears. Anyway, I didnt really fancy either of these young Japanese guys as they weren’t cute enough for my tastes. However, I was impressed by Hisoka’s fairly big Japanese cock.

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Gay Asian Twinks Bareback Fuck Each Other

Who’s fucking who in this video? Gay Asian twinks Ray and Rain are oiled up and pushing each other’s buttons as they kiss, stroke, suck and bareback fuck their way to pleasure. Cute little Ray looks like he’s a dominant bottom as he fucks Rain’s raw cock with his cute Asian butt. They do flip flop and he gets a turn and stuffing his twisted dick in Rain ass for a reciprocal bareback fuck. What’s with all the bent dicks in Asia? How many times have you seen some gay Asian porn where one of the boys has a bent cock? It seems so frequent to me. But, to quote Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”.

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