Small Dicked Gay Pinoy Boys

Its a clash of small dicked Asian twinks as sexy Pinoy Jacob bareback fucks CJ. I happen to have bit of a fetish for small Asian cocks, I really like them and get turned on by them. I’m actually disappointed when I see a big Asian cock. The other thing I like is hot Asian bodies, and as Jacob has a body to die for, you can imagine that I think he’s my type of boy. I actually didnt realise that CJ is so handsome as well until we got a close-up of his face as he sat, pinned on Jacob’s raw dick. And, as Jacob gets stuck into bareback fucking CJ like he’s on a mission, its an enjoyable video all round.

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Watch On as This Straight Japanese Youth Cums

With the fresh new Japanese boy-meat of Kiba, we get another glimpse of what a modern 21yo Japanese boy is like. Cute, typically Japanese eyes, of lean build and fair skin, Kiba is straight. He’s keen enough to try his hand at Japanese gay for pay porn but not so keen as to venture past anything but self gratification. You gotta start somewhere I guess. You can see Kiba blow his load over himself in the full video. Would I like to fuck him? No. Would many of you? Most definitely.

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Andrew’s Asian Ass Gets Pissed On & Fucked

If you’re into gay Asian boys playing watersports and enjoying bareback fucking, how hot are these two moves: pissing on an exposed puckering boyhole and getting bareback fucked while the bottom pisses over himself at the same time. If that tickles your fancy you can catch this pair of gay Asian twinks performing those hot moves. I’ve got to mention this too – Simon’s hot ass is so mesmerizing as it pumps and grinds into Andrew’s boyhole. The rhythmic motions of his pumping pelvis is just so sexy. I guess you can tell I enjoyed this video.

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Gay Asian Boys in Dildos & Dicks

Who likes seeing gay Asian boys play with a dildo? OK then, this video’s for you. Personally I think there’s no substitute for the real thing and thankfully Jimmy does whip out his big Asian cock and stick it into Jack, raw. The best part for me is that Jack busts his nut while he’s getting barebacked. I love seeing Asian boys cum while their ass is getting poked. There’s something so satisfying in that, compared to withdrawing and then coming without a cock in the bum. I think I prefer the top to withdraw and cum on the bottom though, as opposed to dumping his load inside. What floats your boat?

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Hot Bod Japanese in Fuck & Bukkake Action

Oh yeah! An Asian boy with a body. I felt my heart pump faster as soon as Tetsuya took off his shirt to reveal a muscular defined torso underneath. He’s got the type of body that gets your attention. Picking up Japanese twink Kiyomine in the park, the boys head home for a suck and a fuck. Whether having his dick sucked or getting fucked, Kiyomine is bit of a dead fish. I had to check if he was still alive. Didn’t matter much anyway as my eyes were nearly always on Tetsuya and his hot, toned body. Pay attention to his hairy legs and the neat line on his upper thighs where the hair suddenly stops. It looks like the hair’s been drawn on his legs. Funny.

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The King of the Gay Asian Porn Jungle – Peter Le

You’re going to get tired of me saying this, but I can never get enough of Asian muscle stud Peter Le’s amazing body. All those huge, smooth sculpted muscles! The cherry on the cake is that he’s gorgeous too. He actually has a cute/handsome face. Today I think he looks cute as he has no product in his hair, making him look somewhat boyish (with the body of a [big] man). Peter likens his bedroom to a lion’s den; because thats where he brings back his prey to devour them. I quite like this analogy. It stirs something animal in me and lets me think of what Peter’s big body would look like subduing another guy. If only it could be me!

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Japanese Jizz Boy

I love it when boys cum a lot. I find it really arousing when gushes of cum blast out and coat my torso with puddles forming from the excess. Meet self confessed bi-sexual Japanese boy, Keita, the 22yo model who jacks off solo today. He’s saved himself for three days for the sake of this shoot. For a horny 22yo Japanese boy that’s quite a feat. Anyway, my brain’s still stuck on buckets of cum. I gotta tell you of this time that I slept with this Asian guy that came so much, I seriously thought he was indulging in some surprise watersports with me. He wasn’t and I was suitably aroused and impressed. Had to wash the sofa cushion covers though.

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