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Gay Asian muscle God, Peter Le is bored and horny. So, what do you think a bored horny gay guy thats home alone gets up to? Yep, time to spank the monkey. Reeling out past sexual encounters to feed his mind, Peter works up his big Asian cock and heaves those cut, bulking muscles – just to make us mad. Actually, I’m always amazed at the ‘video library’ of past sexual encounters stored in my mind. Its very useful to have such an array to fit the particular mood I may be in when its time for a good wank. Today I feel like Asian twinks, tomorrow Asian muscle-men. Of course when you dont want to think too much, there’s always gay porn!

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Japanese Call-Boy Takes Charge

I’m appealing to all lovers of gay Japanese boys – those that like their Japanese boys cute, youthful, real twink like. I present to you – Fuji. He’s damn sexy all over. I don’t want to rave on about him so please see what I’m saying by watching him in the clip. The boys literally play with ropes, a token bondage performance but the star of it all is little Fuji. I’ve seen him get fucked a lot but he also gets to play top sometimes, like in this video where thrusting his cock into his fellow country-man’s ass brings a cheeky smile to his face.

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Jes’s Present of a Writhing, Heaving Mass of Asian Muscle

The mention of Thailand or Bankok immediately floods my head with fond recollections of many hot gay Asian boys. After Peter Le did some shows there he has his own fond memories too. In fact, this fantasy video is meant to be a gift for his Thai play boy (and us gay Asian muscle fans too). I seem to recall a number of such videos from Pete in the past. It does make me think what a generous, cheeky and perhaps cocky stud our favorite Asian muscle man is.But, keep ’em coming Pete! Would love to see your show.

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Gay Japanese Sex at Your Service

Have you ever used a gay Asian escort service? Japanese boy Keita likes to and he’s got bearded Kinjiro knocking on his door. The pair get into foreplay with a lot of cock sucking, or more aptly slurping, and fingering going on. Keita’s just warming up his gay Japanese escort’s ass for the main event. But, apart from Keita’s slightly goofy look I kept getting distracted by that uniquely coarse Japanese body hair. The wild thicket of pubes nestling over Keita’s cock or the extremely hairy bum and a-hole of Kinjiro. Not to mention his weird patch of chest hair connecting right down to his snail trail. That has to be sculpted and manicured?

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Muscular Hung Stud Fucks Cute Gay Asian

Don’t you just love seeing a bulky chest protruding underneath a tee and a bulge down below? I love seeing these things on hot guys. Sexy gay Asian twink Robin noted the above with gay boy Mario before they headed indoors for a fuck. You guys should notice Mario’s big cock. As Robin says, he really is “hung like a horse”. In fact, looking from Robin’s little butt to Mario’s big cock I thought there’s no way Robin’s going to cope with all that meat up his arse. But he does. Oh, before I go, check out Mario’s basket ball shots. For a burly, masculine gay guy, he shoots like a queen!

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Japanese Boyfriend Material? Haruto Says ‘Lets Fuck & Find Out’

Lord knows why Haruto is such a popular gay Japanese boy. Regardless, his boyfriend auditions on the pretense of sexual compatability continue, and he gets to poke his fairly long and hard cock into the handsome and moley Seki. They use one of my favourite fuck positions – standing and fucking against the wall. Seki is literally stuck between a cock and a hard place. During the closeups of the boys fucking, note how hairy the boys’ crotch and crack are. Pretty bushy, huh?

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Cute Gay Asian Boy Threesome

I have to admit that after watching these three gay Thai twinks have sex, I forget who’s who. I know we’ve got Em, Mod and Joe and that my eyes were always on the cute boy who’s the meat in the sandwich (wears a hat and gets fucked), but don’t ask me which way round the names go. The action’s good but I have a gripe; there’s too much focus on the penetration. I wish the camera would pull back so we see the boys’ entire body. That way we get to see more facial expressions. That’s where half the arousal is – looks in the eye, facial contortions, purses of lips etc.

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